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A passion for film, business, and travel

This led to the idea of starting a website where I could share my passion and somewhat build a portfolio.

Want to know more about me? Well, my name is Demi and I'm 21 years old. I currently study International Business in Groningen and I enjoy spending my free time on photography/ videography and business. This is also why at the beginning of this year, my sister and I started our clothing company; DMG Apparel. Being able to combine my enthusiasm for entrepreneurship and my need for being creative, allowed me to get the best of both worlds while working for this company. Furthermore, I enjoy doing all sorts of extracurricular activities next to my studies. From organising a research trip to Rome to volunteering in the Dominican Republic, I like to keep myself busy. 

About two years ago, I started my Youtube channel; ThatDutchGirl_. This was the start of something that I did not know would impact my life to such an extent. I have always had a certain passion for film, but never really thought of pursuing it as I had almost no experience nor knowledge of what it takes to be working in this industry. However, after uploading my first videos about my trip to the US, which were more meant as memories and a means of sharing these, rather than something I thought I would be continuing. I realised that I enjoyed filming and editing so much, that I wanted to continue making videos and learn more about videography. Since a few months now, I have also started getting into photography and have been really enjoying it. Furthermore, any opportunity I get to travel, I will take it. I don't know exactly when I discovered this drive for travelling, but having documented many of my travel adventures and being able to have visited so many places, it seems like this drive just continues to grow.

Therefore, this will be a place where I'm able to share my adventures and potentially provide you with some ideas, tips or maybe even a passion for travel too ;)

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